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C.2.2 Template Symbols

Templates produce a single tpl symbol representing the macro itself. At the time of parsing, we do not care about the body of the template—when applied, it will expand into code that will be further processed recursively during another pass to produce the appropriate symbols for that expansion.

match: preproc:symtable on lv:template

Produce a tpl symbol with the following attributes:


Name of the template as provided by lv:template/@name.


Always ‘0’; templates are processed as macros before compilation.


Template description as provided by lv:template/@desc.

<template mode="preproc:symtable"  priority="5"  match="lv:template">
  <preproc:sym type="tpl"  name="{@name}"  dim="0"  desc="{@desc}">
    <if test="@preproc:generated = 'true'">
      <attribute name="local"  select="'true'" />

    <sequence select="@preproc:*" />