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1.2 Manual Compilation

Note: TAME is usually controlled through a Makefile; see Compiling With Make to avoid manual compilation steps.

TAME is controlled through the program in bin/tame. When run, it first spawns a daemon bin/tamed if it is not already running. tamed is needed to keep the JVM and compiled XSLT templates in memory, otherwise each file would incur a steep startup penalty.

TODO: Document commands. Most developers do not build files directly, so this is not essential yet.

$ bin/tame compile src/foo.xml src/foo.xmlo
$ bin/tame link src/foo.xmlo src/foo.xmle
$ bin/tame standalone src/foo.xmle src/foo.js
$ bin/tame summary src/foo.xmle src/foo.html

Figure 1.2: Compiling a JavaScript executable and Summary Page

To kill the daemon, pass ‘--kill’ to either bin/tame or bin/tamed. For additional options and environment variables that influence operation, pass ‘--help’ to either command.