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1.3 Compiling With Make

TAME can generate a GNU Makefile for you using Automake and Autoconf. This greatly simplifies building projects by automatically building all dependencies as needed, and only when they have changed.4

The Makefile is generated by a configure script, which itself generated by Autoconf using in the project root:

AC_INIT([PROJECT_NAME], [0.0.0], [contact@email])

m4_define(`calc_root', rater)

Figure 1.3: Example in project root.

By convention, TAME is usually available as a submodule under rater/. This confusing naming convention may change in the future.

Then, to generate the Makefile:

$ autoreconf -fvi
$ ./configure SAXON_CP=/path/to/saxon9he.jar

Figure 1.4: Invoking configure to generate Makefile.

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When their modification timestamps change, specifically.