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10 Hacking Liza

There isn’t much here yet. Maybe you can help?

This chapter provides general information and guidance for [prospective] developers of Liza.

For writing classes; interfaces; and traits, developers should familiarize themselves with GNU ease.js. For writing unit tests, developers should be familiarize themselves with Mocha and Chai. For more information on the libraries used by Liza, see Libraries.

Most source files have a general structure that must be followed. For example, all such files must have a copyright header and must be named after the class they define or system under test. For more information, see Source Files.

Generally speaking, developers should be familiar with vanilla ECMAScript; DOM APIs; and have a basic understanding of Node.js for well-rounded Liza development. Writing this manual requires basic understanding of Texinfo. References for these topics and others are provided in see Developer Resources.